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PLEASE NOTE:  There is currently a WAIT LIST for new patient appointments.

NEW PATIENTS:  You must complete your questionnaires and consent forms within 24 hours of booking your appointment to hold your spot.

Please see our Policies & Fees page on our website for more detailed updated info.

Please confirm your appointment by 12 o'clock, noon, 2 business days prior to your appointment.
  For Monday appointments, this will be the prior Thursday by 12:00 pm; Tuesday appointments by the prior Friday by 12:00 pm, etc.  You can confirm by either calling the office, sending a message through the patient portal, or replying YES to the email.  If you do not confirm by this time, your appointment slot will be cancelled, filled by another patient, and charges will be applied.  

Cancellations or rescheduled appointments made less than 2 business days of your appointment will FORFEIT your deposit and it may not be applied to future appointments.  A notice of less than 24 hours and no shows will be charged the FULL amount of the consult fee.

* * MESSAGES * *
Please be advised that due to the varying degrees of complexity that messages may involve, please show us grace in our response times as it may not be the same day and may even take up to a week to respond.  It is possible that not all questions can be answered through the portal.  NOTE: Any question that exceeds the limit in the Patient Portal or that would take longer than five minutes of the provider's time to respond to your message will require an appointment by phone.   These will be billed by the amount of time consulted with the provider, but should be no greater than 20 minutes as this would require a follow-up consult fee charge for the appointment.  Please see our Fees page for details.  If an appointment is necessary to adequately answer your questions, we will let you know.

Lab results will not be released before your scheduled follow up consult unless there is an urgent matter to discuss.  Please withhold any questions regarding labs until your appointment.

You can request for a prescription refill by going to My Medications.
You can view instructions on how to do this under Videos.  Please give sufficient notice to the office of at least ONE WEEK before your prescription expires.  This will give the office ample time to provide an alternative if a medication were to be out of stock and on backorder.  For certain medications, routine follow-up with our office is necessary and may be required in order to fulfill requests.  If you have not been seen for over six months, you may need to schedule an appointment prior to getting your refill.

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